sex addiction, affairs, mental health

​​​​When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.” ~ Paul Coelho

It takes courage and sometimes humor to face the difficult situations in our lives. We understand that life can be messy and overwhelming. However, by taking the first step in seeking therapy, you can bravely move toward the life you have always dreamed of living.  There may have been people in your life whose actions have hurt you and you have yet to process the impact these experiences have on your current life.  We realize that many of you are courageously facing your daily lives even though you may feel like something is just not right or even missing.  We want to help you find the hope needed to process these emotional or spiritual injuries and discover the goals that best suit your needs.  What decisions do you need to make in order to live the life you’ve always wanted?  Do you struggle in relationships? Do you have difficulty identifying and reaching your goals?  We can help you sift through these questions about your own personal challenges to empower you to make sustainable, positive life changes.     

We work with brave men and women who struggle in their relationships, with sexual addiction, past childhood abuse, post-affair recovery, anxiety, and personality disorders.  We can provide specialized services in EMDR (eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing)  trauma, marriage therapy, IFS (internal family systems) and CSAT (certified sexual addiction therapist).  At Decision Points Counseling, LLC, we strive to provide a safe, positive, encouraging environment for our clients.

If you are in crisis or have an emergency, please call 911, local law enforcement, go to a local emergency room or call the Georgia crisis line at (800) 715.4225 or the Atlanta EmergencyMental Health Services at (404) 730.1600.